Aim training created by data scientists and game designers

How it works

1. Benchmark Your Aim Skills

Take the 3 aiming skill tests to see how skillful you already are. We analyze your performance to identify improvement opportunities.

2. Complete Your Personalised Aim Training Program

Complete our aim skill training program with personalised feedback offered along the way.

3. Analyze your Aim Performance

View detailed reporting and analysis of your aiming performance to identify areas to improve.

About Aiming.Pro

Aim Training developed by Game Designers and Data Scientists

Developed with the sole purpose of improving your aim, Aiming.Pro offers a fun and structured way to improve your aim

Extensive Reporting

View detailed stats such as your performance aiming left vs. aiming right. Do you overshoot or undershoot? How does your reaction speed compare to the rest of the world?

3D Training in the Browser

Aiming.Pro offers a 3d Game environment directly in the browser

Global Leaderboards

Find out how you compare to the rest of the world with global skill ratings and leaderboards. Can you make it into the top 1% of aimers worldwide?

Join us on a mission to improve your aim

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