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Aim Training Course

Interactive Training Course

With over 20 videos and 60 lessons

100s of Training Drills

Covering core skills such as flick, tracking and reaction time

Aiming Drills
aiming skill comparison

Worldwide Skill Comparison

See how your skill compares to the rest of the world

Industry Leading Analytics

Comprehensive data and reporting tools to explore your performance

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How our 3D Aim
Trainer Works

Aiming.Pro focuses on developing the core skills that
create good aim such. Some of our key goals are:

how aim training works
aim practice

Encourage frequent Aim Practice

performance feedback

Realtime feedback to ensure efficient Aim Training

aim booster

Offer a wide range of training drills so you can always find new ways to boost your aim

mouse sensitivity convertor

Match mouse sensitivity and settings to all popular FPS games

Supported Games

Aiming.Pro supports all major FPS games through sensitivity
and game environment matching







Apex Legends

Apex Legends



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